Since I was a child I was passionate about the secret signs that the ancient Chinese saw in the sky when they sought to understand people and the cycles of time on earth. I knew that I was born in the year of the Fire Tiger, and that that Red Feline would follow me like a shadow throughout my life to show me the mysteries of destiny.

Voracity led me to learn Vedic Philosophy, Tarot, Magic, Numerology, Runes and Western Astrology with great teachers from Argentina and Spain.

As I went through these searches for knowledge, the gaps were filling and the certainties were healing my soul. Along the way I found other seekers and I knew that I had the facility to transmit the complex in a simple way, to bring clarity and certainty where there was a need.

It is there where the purpose and mission of the Red Feline appeared: knowledge heals those who interpret and those who receive that information. Astrology, the runes and the tarot are enormous transmitting tools of knowledge that heals and calms. They are a compass that affirms our steps. With the map in your hands, the path is better traveled.