The Natal Chart is a musical score where the melody of life is printed. The work of astrologers when interpreting the stars is to touch it, so that the person knows it, recognizes it, assimilates it and understands it. The letter will serve as a map and compass on the way.

It always happens that the things that the client hears, whether they be predictions about their future, the description of their environment or their personality, resonate with a lot of sense in the background. Things that haven’t happened yet sound like they have already happened, because it makes sense of the totality of your nature. His suspicions about the unfolding of certain areas of life are confirmed.

It is that in truth, what we astrologers do is put into words the energies that make up and surround the person. It is the person who makes sense of it by hearing them.

The letter, being circular, does not allow time to be linear. And we talk mixing past, present and future. From chaos, reaching the most intimate and personal sense. The interpretation becomes double: the astrologers from the star map and the consultants from the concepts that they hear and rehear later in the recording.

Sitting one in front of another, astrologer and consultant, we form an energetic bond. The word well spoken is healing. Much more if it is timely.

As astrologers our intention is to affirm and reassure the person in the most positive way that his chart and its tendencies propose and at the same time, warn him of blockages and knots, or of those endeavors that are not worth it.

When we listen to our birth chart, the confusion and uncertainty go away. We are left with a security and clarity that spring from the most essential of our being. The conviction and security that come from knowing the why and why of what happens to us.

The word is understanding and it is order, for this reason it is healing and healing is to see inside ourselves understanding life. It is not the egos of the consultants who listen, who listens is the spirit and from there the healing becomes full and absolute.