Intensive astrology

Maybe you always wanted to study astrology but you would like to do it intensively in the shortest time possible.

Or you would like to do it but you do not have the time to attend the classes live and you need to also be able to do it at your own pace without losing the possibility of being present in some classes and not in others.

Or you already have self-taught knowledge but would like to structure it.

Maybe you did a basic course but you would like to dedicate yourself professionally.

Then this Astrology training is for you!

We present you this complete training in Astrology composed of three levels, by the hand of Agustín de Felino Rojo and Escuela Ars Magica:

If you start this course, you will join a wonderful group of future astrologers, who will be training as professionals, to be able to do all kinds of astrological studies. Both for themselves and for other people, having only one day a week (two hours).

This intense training certifies you as an Astrologer upon completion.

Or you can certify yourself at the level you want to have, since it is made in three levels according to the needs of each person:

First level

Reading of Natal Charts, introduction to astrological language. (You do not need previous knowledge for this instance)

Second level

Reading of other Astrological studies (Solar Revolution, Septenios, Planetary Phases, Secondary Progressions, Planetary Transits). To do this level you need to have done the first level. If you did it in another place tell us and we will review your case.

Third level

Become an Astrologer. (For this instance it is necessary to have the first and second level facts)

To start from a level other than the first, you must wait for us to reach that level, in February we will start the second level and in June the third.

The astrological approach that we will handle is mainly evolutionary and humanistic, we will also see notions of traditional Astrology, karmic astrology and a module on Chinese Astrology.

Astrology is the ancient discipline that studies the correlation between the movements of the sky (planets) and the events that occur to us as human beings living under it.

It has a wonderful therapeutic component, which helps us heal wounds and affirm our path once we know the designs of heaven on our soul. It also helps us to get to know the people around us in depth and to understand the propitious moments for each thing.

Today Astrology is increasingly in vogue and is presented as a profession to which we can dedicate ourselves or that can help us in other ways of alternative therapies that we are traveling.

Once life is explained through the stars, the world changes forever, and with it, the eyes of those who see it.

If you wish, I can send you a test class so you can see the dynamics of the classes.

The meetings will take place on the Zoom platform.

We will start on Saturday, October 9 at 4:00 p.m. Spain / 9:00 a.m. Mexico and Colombia / 11:00 a.m. Chile and Argentina / 10:00 a.m. Miami

All classes are recorded, so if you miss any you can watch them later without problems on the Ars Magica School website. https://www.escuelaarsmagica.com/

Throughout each course you will receive written summaries in PDF to reinforce the information of each class.

The form of payment is monthly, you do not need to pay the entire course at once.

Each of the three levels has its price, you can see them below with the content.

Payment is made through Paypal, but you do not need to have an account there.

We will send you a link so that you can pay with any debit or credit card.

If you have any other questions, here you have the contact of the teacher, Agustín from @felinorojo, do not hesitate to write:

whatsapp +5491154241089

Below is the content of each module:

Level 1 – Introduction to astrological language

Interpretation of a Natal Chart

4 Months – 40 euros / U $ D47 / 4500 Argentine pesos per month.
One class a week of 2 hours. Total (12 classes)

Certificate: Natal Chart Reader

Month 1

    Parts of a Natal Chart

    Elements and signs.

    The lights: the sun and the moon.

    The Sun in the twelve spaces

    The Moon in the twelve spaces

Month 2

    Personal planets.

    Social planets.

    Transpersonal planets.


Month 3

    The twelve ascendants.


    Quadrants of a letter.

    Division of the mandala by three.

Month 4

    Harmonic aspects.

    Inharmonious aspects.

    Basic interpretation of a Natal Chart.

    Natal Chart Practice

Level 2 – Prognosis – Interpretation of other Astrological studies complementary to CN

Solar revolution, secondary progressions, planetary transits

4 Months – 50 euros / U $ D59 / 5500 Argentine pesos per month.
One class a week of 2 hours. Total (12 classes)

Certificate: Reader of Natal Charts, Solar Revolutions and Pla Transits

net worth.

Month 1

    Reading the sky of the moment




Month 2

    Planetary phases and septeniums.

    Interpretation of planetary transits.

    Speeds of the planets

    Secondary progressions

Month 3

    Retrograde planets in prognosis.

    Rising Solar Revolutions.



Month 4

    Karmic interpretation of a natal chart.

    Degrees and dominance of planets over houses

    Geographical locations of the signs

    Notions of preventive astrology.

    Predictive interpretation of a natal chart.

Level 3 – Become an Astrologer

4 Months – 60 euros / U $ D70 / 6500 Argentine pesos per month.
One class a week of 2 hours. Total (12 classes)

Certificate: Astrologer

 Month 1

    Retrograde planets in Natal Chart and in prognosis

    Derivative houses


    Birth Chart of twins and twins.

    Fixed stars.

    Natal chart of people with unknown hours

    Notions of time rectification.

    Letters from Babies and the elderly.

Month 2

    Deep interpretation of the Natal Chart

    The vocation in the Natal Chart

    Money in the Natal Chart

    Notions of Horary Astrology.

    Letters from people at key moments



Month 3

    Composite Letters.


    Chinese Astrology Module.


Month 4

    Way in which an astrological session should take place.

    Field work and exams.