The Ascendant

In the drawing of the birth chart, this energy is marked by the sign pointed to by the main arrow that divides the chart horizontally, that arrow whose stroke starts on the right and ends on the left.
It symbolizes the constellation (sign) that was ascending the horizon at the time and place in which the person was born.
It tells us about the way to get closer to life, or about life to get closer to us.

In many cases, others recognize us more for the qualities of the Ascendant sign than for the characteristics of the solar sign, although they are more difficult to recognize by ourselves, since they often produce the double effect of attraction and rejection.
Consequently, the Ascendant can be, in the first place, an image that we project to the outside, but also a kind of door that opens towards our true being and allows a large part of our self to flow through this channel, symbolizing that energy that the universe wants us to assimilate and make part of ourselves. Although it is true that the energy of the ascendant will come to us in the first instance from the outside, with self-knowledge and maturity we will learn to assimilate it in our life and our personality and this will lead us to get the best of ourselves throughout our life.

In Aries

This Aries Ascendant brings the need to be unique, to get out of the symbiotic unconscious and to differentiate oneself. It is an individual energy that you have to become aware of. It proposes a more courageous, more daring energy.
The first Arian learning is to open paths, to face. Aries is aggressive and the Aries Ascendant is going to confront you with aggressiveness. It will lead him to develop his physique, to physical exercise. To face emergencies that require Arian energy that is determined in untimely changes, so that it takes out the fears and faces them with courage, as an Arian, that assumes them as challenges. The Aries Ascendant continually provokes the person to act, to act urgently.
There is a world to conquer. He does not get bogged down in his limitations or mistakes, but he tries again and again, because he comes to conquer self-confidence and the possibility of developing his desire.
The struggle of this Ascendant is an individual struggle, but in a world where there are many to interact with.

In Taurus

But the Taurus Ascendant is going to slow down everything, his body slows down, although the person has a lot of physical strength. This Ascendant gives aesthetic bodies, Venusian bodies, of round but harmonic shapes.
Although in principle the person will want to go a thousand an hour, things will go slowly, since what this Ascendant must learn is patience, method, resistance and perseverance. The times and their events (contrary to what the person wishes) are not immediate, life is presenting itself on its own terms and the person has to be receptive to these times.
It is common for Taurus Ascendants to develop professions that require them to be resilient, jobs that demand a lot of effort and both physical and psychological stamina. They will develop the ability to sustain in time and effort. It will teach you action for materialization (making money, doing things, shaping projects, etc.). It is an Ascendant of enjoyment, so it will seek pleasure and matter. You have a natural conditioning to earn money and treasure it because the natural energy of the Taurus Ascendant is to learn survival, to subsist.
This Ascendant leads the person to settle, either by buying land, investing in the stock market or in finance in general, being in contact with land-related ventures, as well as with the arts where they are seen (actors, models , dancers, etc.).
They have a great tendency to enjoy pleasures, both sensual and sexual, because they seek physical pleasure, since they attach great importance to the physical and aesthetics.
They tend to seek routine jobs because of the taurine energy that sometimes makes them fear losing security or stability.

In Gemini

It will lead him to search for the other, the pair, the complementary. This generates a strong associative predisposition, although their ties are not necessarily deep from the emotional point of view.
Life will lead them to continuous associations, to relate generally in pairs, not only in the couple, but also in friendship or work. They will learn to diversify, linking the parts with each other, in this lies the learning path of the Gemini Ascendant, in relating, linking and communicating the different parts with each other.
They constantly need variability, they do not support routine, they need air, space, a lot of freedom, even when they are extremely sensitive to the register of their environment. They live in continuous movement, both physically and mentally and this movement generates the continuous need for knowledge acquisition. Knowledge that is not limited only to the intellectual, but also encompasses the affective, which is why fidelity costs them so much, because having to choose generates conflict. They doubt what they really want, they cannot define it exactly, because of their need to experience everything. They do not have a strict concept of morality, since their morality starts from what they think, and this they cling to as their ethics, even when their thinking is changing. They are scattered.
In Gemini Ascendants, the bond with a brother or siblings (or some figure that acts as a bond similar to the fraternal one, for example a close friend) usually takes on a special importance. It is not easy to communicate with the brother / s and it is one of the themes to develop in this life, the brotherly bond. Generally that brother is the one who mirrors what he does not want to see about himself.
They are very talkative, much more than the Gemini Sun, which makes them excellent speakers, professors, lawyers, teachers, salespeople, and lecturers.
They are afraid of commitments, not only emotionally, but also professionally or vocationally because it is so difficult for them to connect with their true feelings.
They tend to associate with younger people and generally blend in with this energy. This makes them happy, fidgety, and somewhat fickle.
In general they are very friendly, very sweet, attractive and very good hosts.

In Cancer

Cancer Ascendants have a tendency to doubt, or to be confused with the mind and this makes communication difficult for them since it must be channeled through emotion. It is a path that goes from the head to the guts: you feel what you think from the belly.
A great need to adapt to the environment that prevents you from contacting your feelings. This is why the life of the Cancer Ascendant is a life to “feel.”
The experiences of home, family, belonging, security are lived. The labor may have been slow or the mother may have had a conflict with that birth. That is why life brings as first experiences the contact with strong uterine energies, this causes the woman, the mother to be sought in one’s own destiny.
Cancer Ascendants appear in life people who demand care, protection. Males with this Ascendant attract many women in whom they project this tendency to care and who take the place of mothers with them. Both men and women with this Ascendant look for strong women in life and tend to put themselves in the place of children with them.
In the childhood of the Cancer Ascendant there are usually strong female figures in the family, who are very influential in their life, which makes these Ascendants continually seek to be protected or protect.
He does not necessarily want to start a family, however it is there that he seeks his last refuge. On your learning path you need to separate from your family of origin to form your own. There is a tendency to distance oneself from the family of origin because it is very powerful, but life will gradually lead him to get closer to the family of origin because he needs to regain his roots in order to form his own family.
Owning your own home is a very important issue for the Cancer Ascendant. Owning or buying your home is essential.

In Leo

Leo Ascendants hide a lot, especially their most intimate emotions, their dark aspects, their conflicts. They are spontaneously expressive, but that itself generates conflict. From a very young age they need to attract attention and in general life brings them as a destination to show themselves, to be seen. They tend to have striking, admirable, attractive bodies. Perhaps to discover who they are and leave behind the record of a suffocating mother and an absent father who must be integrated.
Leo Ascendants must become aware of their own power and authority (lacking a father figure to generate that record), they will look for people with very strong solar energies (Sun, Moon or Leo Ascendant). They want and seek to be successful in life, and very surely they will. They are narcissists, but their narcissism is a necessity based on the lack of a strong sustained self, that is why they need to be continually emphasized, and in life they will attract the attention of others, as well as economic success. They come to live passionately and what they least bear is being ignored.
Throughout life they will look for fathers and mothers in their relationships to generate falls in love with what they could not live. They attract people who will help them succeed and get noticed. They have a very striking energy, in fact their destiny is to find and recognize their own power, their authority, being important, beyond the influence they exert on their environment.
They need to channel their emotions into actions, that is why they will seek to relate to others, to bond from their charisma, from their natural seduction. They are the lovers of love, they need to have someone who is in love with them as a narcissistic reflection and confirm their energy to focus attention on themselves. This occurs from a very solar place, generating a very strong magnetic field around it. They seek admiration and summon around them those who will stimulate them to know themselves, they look a lot in the mirror looking for their self-image, as if they were in love with themselves and the reference of the other is how they see themselves. Life is a path of self-discovery.
Fate will bring you the possibilities to express your talents and gifts by discovering your deepest “self”.
They need to leave a work of themselves to perpetuate themselves (children), although sometimes they give the impression that they are learning to have children, their children do not have a shadow (dark sides) because they cannot see their own shadow and the children are a reflection of them themselves.

The horizon corresponds to the representation of the Ascendant on a physical level

In Virgo

It comes down to earth. Their natural talents have to become useful to themselves and to others. You need to start to understand what this limit and order thing is. For this reason, there may be problems at birth, as the body is the first contact with reality, physical and organic limits occur during childbirth or in early childhood.
The Virgo Ascendant comes to learn limits, to discover that he has to be more humble, more practical. Their fantasy is often “I want to be important”, but they will only achieve it if they organize and work. In fact, work comes as a very early experience and at the beginning in a dependent relationship because life will teach them to go down through limits, routines, order and organization. They must go down to earth and produce, perfect themselves, their capacities are going to be polished.
They learn to be productive using their mental capacities, it is a typical ascendant of accountants, economists, writers, comedians and craftsmen. What they seek most is that things are useful, that they serve, that they are practical. They are closely linked to matter (the earth and the body), and many times the limits are going to be lived in the body. They live on a diet, they take care of their diet, they do sports to take care of themselves because Virgo is the experience of “I have a body and I must take care of it”. This makes them also good doctors, nutritionists, work in laboratories, psychologists, healers, pharmacists and biochemists. But all linked to the commercial experience because Mercury (ruler of Virgo) has to do with commerce, but from the organization. They are the ones who manage or those who do the business. In contact with the land, they are very good agronomists, agricultural technicians, etc. Those who make the earth produce. He is also an Ascendant of artists, but with a creativity focused on concretion, on production. While they are hyper-mercurial, they can lower their Mercury to the ground, they make it pragmatic.
They need to understand, understand, analyze as they go through life. They have to develop an analytical conscience and for that reason they are going to attract people who are very mercurial or with a lot of Earth element. His is a path of self-control where instincts must be tamed, educated.

In Libra

They dedicate themselves to things that have to do with the sensory, their natural organizational capacity is generally oriented to the aesthetic plane. Libra makes them come out of ostracism, to meet and relate to the other. In fact, shyness and introspection are put aside throughout life and they will go looking for it because this is their destination experience: bonds. That is why the relationships they establish are complementary. They are communication links with others (Air).
They are natural leaders, but since the conciliation, he is the born mediator. They need to be linked from the mental, they have a great capacity for calculation, for organization, although nevertheless they usually wait for others to take care of them due to their natural Venusian attitude.
The first thing they are going to look for is the partner, but also the social ties, both friends and society in general. This is a typical Ascendant for politicians and diplomats. They do not usually pose conflicts, and this makes it difficult for them to connect with their own shadow (their dark sides).
They need dynamism and to a certain extent to attract attention in life. They are usually influential from the word and the intellect because they are natural seducers.
Men cannot be alone, without a partner, deep down they are great loners, although it is common to find them in social settings such as culture or art, also at parties and social gatherings.
The Libra Ascendant begins to be aware of himself from his relationship with others. It is like there is an appearance of enormous social life, although deep down there is a deep loneliness.
Professionally they tend to stand out as architects (of pure lines), in design in all its forms, in the arts in relation to others (PR), in general event organizers, also in the field of fashion, music, careers related to beauty and aesthetics. They have the ability to relate to society less critically than their Virgo predecessor, in a more accommodating way, even going as far as hypocrisy (extreme).

In Scorpio

It is common for Ascendants in Scorpio to be born during a period of relationship crisis from their parents.
These people tend to deny conflict, however the Scorpio Ascendant is destined to have a very easy life. They tend to conflict. Their natural predisposition to contact with others makes them in need of being loved, this leads them to be very complacent with others or also very self-indulgent. They seek the bond, but they need it to propose a transformation, they need the bond to go down to the emotional depths, to contact the darkest feelings of the human soul. It is a landscape where some form of power is played, it is to get out of Libran superficiality (which does not contact pain, revenge, fear because they are ugly), to get in touch with negative feelings through others.
They will be attracted to risk, fate will lead them to these environments, to be in contact with death face to face. They tend to stand out as medical oncologists, surgeons, psychologists linked to sexual problems, or with what society marginalizes. The Scorpio Ascendants need to reflect all this in their own life, they are those who come to transform everything because they are the ones who manifest the conflict that exists in others. Their lives will experience moments of great falls and rebirths from struggling in and with life itself. Life brings them the conflict that others come to propose to them in an eternal power struggle: either I dominate or they dominate me.
Occupationally, they are found in banks, as entrepreneurs, money tables, etc. It’s like they fluctuate in the roles of victims or perpetrators because life puts them in those situations. The aggrandizement of these souls is the possibility of transcending this and finding the life force that they have, and this they achieve through their sexuality and connecting with the densest energies. It is this that makes these people connect. If they achieve this, they become great creators => transformers (they have to be careful not to stay merely on the mental plane because the mind feeds the conflicting emotions). They also attract towards the hidden, the magical, the mysterious. It is an Ascendant of healers.
Their talents begin to be noticed after the age of 30, after successive internal transformations from challenges that others bring.

In Capricorn

The minds of these people are fast, bright, intelligent. With a great capacity to assimilate information very quickly. They love freedom and are not hungry for compromises. However, the learning of this Ascendant, which comes with an unconscious register that everything must be achieved easily, is to achieve things with effort, slowly. Capricorn will stop it with the slowness of the processes. Capricorn is the one who chills so much passion with ice. They know they have to wait (they feel it, but can’t stand it), and life leads them to learn perseverance. They have a goal, they meditate on it, they reflect on it, and when they see it clearly, they go there.

They have a huge burden of demand. The personality becomes very rigid and this often translates into the body itself, they are rigid bodies with a tendency to contractures. It rarely gives much height, due to its need to gain structure.

The path of this Ascendant consists of lowering the voracity of Fire and passing it to practicality, to pragmatism. It is idealistic, but with practicality “the goal is the way to go”, doing the experience is vital. His is a path of solitude. They have a very analytical personality, with a lot of discipline in life. Generally what they start they finish.

Unless you accept your Ascendant, life throws you obstacles that, tied to the Sagittarius, make you frustrated, depress you. Fire is capricious.

It is a very materializing Ascendant, the first thing it is going to learn is that it has to work. They need to succeed economically and also intellectually, they need to be brilliant. They also aspire to some form of elevation on the spiritual plane. But the most important thing is going to be work. In fact, misused, this Ascendant is seen in those people who sacrifice things for economic power in their inordinate ambition. They are accumulators of material comes, they are cautious and distrustful in their maturity, because they come from a background of great naivety. It is common that at the end of their lives they are well economically, whether they get it by themselves, or they do it through others.

They usually work for companies, such as entrepreneurs, economists, administrators. They stand out as lawyers and tend to achieve outstanding economic well-being. They are grouped in groups, and generally they are the ones that maintain that group of belonging. They are also usually linked to construction, decoration, landscaping. As architects they relate to the old. They also stand out as agricultural or real estate managers. Their tendency is to independent work, although they can do it in a dependent relationship. Capricorn energy also manifests itself in thinkers, philosophers, spiritual teachers, etc. But all this for something concrete, with a goal of Earth. They may be teachers, but elite, very learned people, they despise the misintelligence of others. They are selective, they look from their height up, never down. When they turn to philosophy they become brilliant and need their solitary spaces to reflect. They study until the end of their lives and the age of wisdom is old age (after the second return of Saturn, around 58 years). This Ascendant occurs a lot in therapists: doctors (dedicated to research), psychologists (attached to a single discipline: Freudian, Lacanian, Gestalt, etc.) and different scientific currents. It is also common in astrologers, from their role as pragmatic thinkers.

In Sagittarius

They are very protected by their Ascendant (ruled by Jupiter). The energy that you come to channel through this Ascendant is optimism and exchanging pain for something positive. They will attract the ways out of the conflict (forgive, assimilate). They are ambitious, not only for abundance and power on Earth, but also in Heaven. He is a born communicator who lives in continuous mobility: they travel a lot, they look for other interests, they are the real seekers. They are the first to come into contact with the foreigner, with other cultures, with other ways of thinking. Very linked to education due to their communication skills, they have the ability to connect with the different ways of thinking of others (such as hostesses). They have a vision from the heights, from the sky, and from there they connect with the earth to make a synthesis.
They are jovial, funny, charismatic, but at the same time with deep pains, very well kept, very secret.
Their natural tendency is to control situations and also to self-control, this leads them to be closed and obsessive, so that life leads them to let go from Sagittarius. They hold on to securities, but life is going to give them the opportunity to open up, to connect, using the energy of Jupiter. They need to fly in order to have a more comprehensive view of life (fly both physically and spiritually). They do not want to be attached to anything because they need the freedom of the Fire which is what they come to learn, to fight for their ideals through detachment.
This Ascendant occurs a lot in healers, doctors, teachers, spiritual teachers. They can also be connected to sports, the Scorpio muscle force is channeled into Sagittarius. They hardly dedicate themselves to one thing forever, because they will live searching, always looking for new goals as they reach the ones they set for themselves. They are passionate and sensitive, but if they do not have Earth in their Charter, it will be difficult for them to specify. They seek to relate, bond, open up to the world, he is a communicator who quite possibly develops a large part of his activity outside the country in which he was born.

In Aquarius

Aquarius Ascendants are highly structured, stubborn, and tough. They are afraid of change, however that is what they come to learn as a destination. There is a record of a lot of internal loneliness, they are usually quite mature (from an early age) and very reflective. They carry great internal self-criticism, they are very intelligent and have a thirst for knowledge. Capricorn at 12 makes them inquirers, researchers. It is lived with a sense of internal condemnation, it is loaded with the ancestral history of the father, grandfather, great-grandfather, etc. They experience a strong need for parental recognition because they have a sense of lack of it. Aquarius Ascendants often feel supportive of their own parent. He is a critical father who is loved but who does not know how to approach.

The challenge of this Ascendant is to gain mobility, his life will lead him to movement, although he tends to be rigid, tense (contractures generated by internal electrical energy shocks), he comes to translate and change values ​​for himself and for the world. of life, which will cause him to meet people and situations that are going to challenge him mentally (a mind that is essentially logical and rigid), to unexpectedly completely disengage him, and thus be forced to change his position. It is common for these Ascendants to spend 5 years of their life in peace, and suddenly all the changes take place together, as if it were an earthquake, and they are completely unstructured. People of this Ascendant are going to resist changes, which destabilize them mentally, and that is the worst thing they can do.

He is a creative and intuitive Ascendant, but he lives in an eternal struggle between the reflective and the intuitive. This Ascendant is common among doctors, scientists, biochemists, etc. who are dedicated to discovering new things (of which they tend to distrust even more if they are not established within social or cultural parameters).

The great theme of Aquarian energy is that when something broke, it will never be able to stick again, to recover, and the only way out of this is to try to work the Piscean energy, which is where this Ascendant is heading.

A life with this Ascendant invites you to deconstruct the mind, to free it, to give yourself permission in the intuitive, to be able to allow yourself to think madly, something more universal, more encompassing. Let go of the safety of Earth and let yourself fly.

This Ascendant learns in life to attract Uranian, Aquarian people and situations, which challenge it to de-structure, to break with rigidity and to be mentally intuitive. He needs to integrate others in life, learn to relate to groups because he comes from loneliness, which makes him extremely distrustful, and for this Ascendant to open up to the other is something very difficult. It is a way of learning how to connect and a lot of commitment in the workplace. The challenge is to change, to integrate as a group with others, accepting differences and without the need for an emotional exchange. The groups are always going to be a challenge for the people of this Ascendant, since they easily feel rejected and many times they themselves generate it due to their marked rigidity. It costs them a lot to get out of the Saturnian.

They have great talent for all subjects that require research and for science in general. Also for avant-garde psychology (which starts from the structured and then breaks with it). They are very good with finances and the economy in general.

In Pisces

They are very flying people, they can be altruistic, great creatives, but with a certain dispersion. They bring a record of group rejection from the womb. There is some frustration in linking. Although the challenge in this life is not the material, your co-ruler, Jupiter, can bring economic prosperity in life.

These unanswered questions must lead to a life where it is understood that for certain things there is no logical answer, because the unconscious has no logical answers. This generates a tendency to the illogical, to the destructuring of the mind to go into the depths of the mental where there are no written books and where, over time, the emotions carry away and drown the mind.

These people come to contact the world of the spirit, the unconscious search, the religious search, the artistic-plastic and ultimately the search for the soul. Given all this, the first drama on stage is to face great confusion, the mirages and self-delusions that life brings to them, whose reason for being is confused because nothing is clear, everything moves on another plane, in another world, that of the depths. of the sea (which is the unconscious). They come from the world of thought and life confronts them with images: “what I see, what I feel”. Life is like a movie that moves you emotionally. The problem is that when this film is presented you are going to want to analyze it, when in fact you should allow yourself to feel it, you have to become subtle in your bodily and emotional perceptions.

This Ascendant is very auditory and that is why they have a great facility for music, a lot of connection with the musical.

Life will bring them situations in which they will not be able to use their minds, despite their reluctance to connect with their own emotions. However, the wisdom is in the sensitivity, although they tend to self-deception (because they want to analyze with their heads) they must feel it, because if they resist and insist on thinking more than feeling, that same causes them pain. This Ascendant comes to connect with the collective emotional communion. It is a return to the womb, it is experiencing dissolution, passing through death at some point. Little by little they must allow themselves to approach sensitivity and surrender. It is expected that life brings them mirages, unclear situations, where they are deceived and even swindled. There is always a stage of life where they are confused or confused, in these moments they usually go through scams, abandonments, emotional entanglements, conflicting or toxic loves.

It is common in this Ascendant addictions, both to alcohol and drugs, in order to enter into the dissolution of the limits, they do not have a limit register and that is why they continually gain weight and lose weight, they have bone or skin problems. They do not see clear why they intend to understand from the mind and not from the intuition that it is from where they should.

They need love because they are hypersensitive. They usually reach spiritual maturity between the ages of 40 and 48. Once past the stage of mirages, when they discover their own tendency to deception or self-deception, the people of this Ascendant are taken to an artistic life, where cinema, design, music, public relations, links with people in general. On the other hand, victimization is a great risk that this Ascendant runs due to the death register of mental structures: “everyone wants to destroy me”, but they never wonder if they victimize others.